New Found Fitness offers many different types of personal training packages to reach your specific goal.  New Found Fitness offers online consulting, individual training, pairs training, and group training.  Rates vary according to the package.


Personal Training          $60-$95 depending on package

Personal training will incorporate everything needed for an individualized workout.  No detail will be missed when training with New Found Fitness.  We are very detailed when it comes to training each individual differently to correct any muscle imbalances and improve the kinetic chain.  The full hour session will consist of corrective stretching, core, balance, agility, and resistance training.


Rates starting at $60 per hour long session.



Orientation         $95

An orientation is a detailed evaluation of your goals and advice to achieve your goals.  The orientation will determine what each individual needs to focus upon.  The orientation will consist of goal setting, nutritional information, workout programming, postural analysis, and bodyfat analysis.



Precision Nutrition Coaching     $89 per month   New Year Sale $69  

Precision Nutrition is the premier leader in online nutrition coaching.  As a certified precision nutrition coach, I will personally lead you through the habit based program and keep you accountable with nutrition tasks.

The Precision Nutrition program is a year long program designed to create behavior changes and lifelong healthy habits.  You will be given a new habit every other week and daily tasks to make sure that you create that habit.  I will personally hold you accountable for all of your nutrition habits.  The payment is monthly recurring for a year and can be cancelled at anytime.